I believe in Angels


Out of the darkness

Written by Lady Jude

Out of the darkness

Whenever our world became dark
Every worry would tear my heart in two
Whenever my emotions dropped me to my knees
I’d think of us and I’d be overwhelmed by┬ásadness

Unsure whether to stay or whether to leave
I’ve left but I’ve never been able to hide
Then out of all the darkness you’d reach for me
Your love for me would turn me back around

We’ve been through everything there is
I’m glad I’ve always returned to you
Throughout our bad times
My hearts never stopped loving you

Copyright Lady Jude 2011


To dream a dream

Written by Jude Le Blance

To dream a dream

Heartache can touch the heart many times
Any storm weathered can blow love away
When every scar reminds you your past is real
Every dream can feel out of reach

Don’t give up on finding true love
Finding love makes the journey worthwhile
Love can touch the heart many times
Just let go of the past

Every dream is only ever a heartbeat away
Remember to always dream the dream
Reach out and touch the unreachable
And always aim for your most impossible dream

Copyright Jude Le Blance

Our Friendship

Written by Jude Le Blance

Our Friendship

My dear friend is always near
With every passing day
Like a sparkling diamond
You’re a real gem

Near or far you remain in my heart
You’re worth your weight in gold
You’re my sweet treasure
To cherish forever

I’ll always treasure you
Like a ruby in my jewellery box
A box full of precious memories
To keep for keepsake

If advice were like pearls
I’ve received millions
And I’ll wear my necklace with pride
Your friendship has made me a millionaire

Copyright Jude Le Blance

When you’re down

Written by Jude Le Blance

When you’re down

When you’re down and weary
When the road you’re walking
Just seems to be an uphill climb
Whenever things go wrong
Like sometimes they do
When your money is low
And your bills are stacked sky high
When life weighs you down
And all you want to do is cry
Stop rest awhile and pray for guidance
But don’t you ever dare give up

Copyright Jude Le Blance 2012

True Path

Written by Angelwings6

True Path

Through the years I’d lost my way
Misled from the path of my calling
I’d wandered aimlessly under stormy weather
Without my true path ever walked on

With the strength of your wings
You’ve come to show the way ahead
By your side my true path begins to unfurl
With guidance I’d finally found the fork

A new destiny now lays ahead
I’ve closed the old route I’d once walked
I’m still a little unsure of what lays before me
With mixed emotions I’ve started my journey

CopyrightJude Le Blance2012

The Wings of an Angel

Written by Jude Le Blance

The wings of an Angel

Gods Angels listen to our prayers
With their wings graced by light
The wings of his Angels
Are so pure and ever so white

Love allows their wings to spread
Providing shelter in our hour of need
You’ll always be surrounded in radiant light
If you have the faith to believe

Their strength will guide you through life
In your heart they long to be
May Angels be with you my friend
May you always be guided by heavenly wings

Copyright Jude Le Blance 2011

My garden fairy

Written by Angelwings6


My Garden fairy