I believe in Angels


Your Worth


I know how valuable you are
But you don’t know all your worth
I’d say the vastness of your value
Is all the love you bring to our home

It’s never mattered to me how poor we are
I’ve never wanted or needed a million of anything
I value you most for all you say and do
At home, you’re worth your weight in gold

I appreciate all the happiness we have
I can’t put a value on our happiness
What you’re worth can’t be fully counted
Because what your worth is ongoing and endless

Copyright Jude Blance


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Why I Love You

Why I love you like I do

What I love about you the most
I’ll write from the bottom of my heart
I love you from the top to your tips
From your inside to your outsides

I’m loving every single thing about you
From the way your sweet kisses persuade
To the way your gorgeous smile teases
It’s why I love you like I do

For my love for you has no end
It just grows stronger and better
My love holds no bounds
Our love can never be confined


My Cute Grandson

Out of the darkness



Whenever our world darkened
Every worry would tear my heart in two
When my emotions dropped me to my knees
Overwhelmed by sadness I’d think of us

Unsure whether to stay or whether to leave
I’ve left but I’ve never been able to hide
Then out of the darkness you’d reach for me
Your love for me would turn me back

Together we’ve been through a lot
And I’ve always returned to you
Throughout the stressful times
My hearts never stopped loving you

Copyright Jude Blance

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It’s in the way


Written by Lady Jude

It’s in the way:

It’s in the way my heartbeats
Whenever you call my name
It’s in the way my breath stops
Whenever you smile my way
It’s in the way your sweet kiss teases
That always leaves me so breathless
It’s in the way you look into my eyes
That makes me love you so
It’s in the way you take my breath away
Whenever you call my name
It’s in the way you hold me
I know I’ll never let you go

Copyright Lady Jude

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